Bringing Home Your Pig

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The time has come, and the weeks and months of waiting are at an end. You load the family in the car and head to the airport with a million thoughts racing in your head. Will my piggy like me? I can’t wait to take my piggy for a walk. I  should call all my friends so they can come see my pig. I can answer all those questions with one word. “PATIENCE” Your pig just got off an airplane. Now you, a complete stranger, are taking him/her home to a place that smells and  looks nothing like what it’s used to. You did set up the confinement area right! Chances are, you’re new best friend has  soiled his/her crate. It doesn’t smell pleasant, but that’s what happens when they are scared. Talk gently to them, use  their name from now on so they get used to hearing your voice. Take a few treats with you, like Cheerios or a few  kernels of corn. Give a little treat while reassuring the pig that “it’s OK”, and “you’re a good piggy”. Don’t let them out of  the crate until you get home and can put them in their safe spot. Then you can clean out the carrier, put in fresh  bedding, and go do something else for a couple hours. Give your pig a chance to settle in, before bombarding it with  demands.

Pigs like to have all four feet on the ground. While we have tried to get them used to being handled, it’s takes a pig some  time to trust you enough to allow you to pick it up. Mother pigs never lift the piglets like a dog or cat would. A pigs main  defense mechanism is flight(run Forest run). You will undoubtedly hear your pig scream at one point or another  and the sound can be deafening when a piggies feat leave the ground. Again, I stress “PATIENCE”. This will be, by far,  the biggest trust factor to overcome with a pig. To them it is the equivalent of being carried off by a predator. Go slow!!!  When approaching your pig talk to them. Let them hear you coming. Try not to make sudden movements that will  spook your piggy. Basically, take baby steps at first. Your pig will learn to trust and adore you in a short time. I am  stressing patience because your pig will be with you for 12 to 15 years. The first few weeks and months will establish  your pigs behavior for years to come. Take the time now to set the limits and gain the trust. These practices will instil a  great deal of loyalty from your pig and you will be rewarded with many years of love from a pet that will make you  smile and laugh on a daily basis.

About Brenda

I am the owner and operator of Mini Pig Farm as well as PigGear.
I no longer breed mini pigs, but I still have 4 of my own.
I started making pig harnesses in 2010 when I couldn't find a harness that fit right. PigGear was created when my mini pig customers needed a bigger size harness when their baby grew out of the one I provided to them.

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