Mini pig clothes and mini pig harnesses

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This is way too cool. I like to play around with my websites, as you can probably tell by how much this one has changed since I started it, and PigGear is one that I can’t help but play around with.

I know that people love to pamper their pets, so if you haven’t heard yet, I have a site dedicated to clothes for pigs and pig harnesses.  Occasionally I have to do some updates on the software, which isn’t too much fun, but this time is was very exciting because I found this cool little bar that goes on the bottom of the site and if you click on the “Like” bottom then it automatically gives you 20% off of your purchase. There is also a “like” button on all of the products too, so you can share one item or all. My harnesses are already pretty cheap, especially for handmade items. But now with a 20% off price discount,  you can get them even cheaper. I also give you instructions on how to harness train your pig and a sample of my incredible mini pig soap. Can’t beat that deal for sure.

Most people pay a fortune for their pet pig and they don’t even come with any accessories like we used to give when we were breeding ( this still amazes me). So to get 20% off of you purchase is HUGE.  I had the mini potbelly pig harness for sale about a year after I started breeding and selling mini pigs. But then my customers started telling me that they wanted to spoil their pigs like most people spoil their little dogs. I did a little research and found that nobody had mini pig clothing so I then started my line of clothes for pigs. People are pretty funny though, because once they realized that I could sew, they started asking me to make all kinds of stuff for their pigs.

Custom Pig Clothes

Joy, one of my PigGear models, has a great family. Her mommy takes her to an assistant living facility to cheer up the elderly. I could tell that this was exciting to them because one day Joy showed up in one of the coverups that I make and the next day Park Centre called me to place a custom order. They sent me pictures of their logo, and with a bit of playing around, I was able to embroider it on to a couple cover-ups for them. As you can see below, Joy is truly a Ham, she even has her own facebook page . Check it out here

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Of course once I realized what an incredible model she was, I had to use her on my PigGear site as well.

You can see more pictures of her and my other models  in the photo gallery at Some of the pictures you will see there are not models, but are very spoiled little pigs with families that like to show them off. So go check them out, it will put a smile on your face for sure.

Go to the PigGear Gallery Here

And while you are there, click the “like” button on that cool bar at the bottom of the page or one one of the individual products that you like and get 20% off your first order.

You will still get free  first class shipping with any order over $100.00 too.