Looking for mini pigs for sale?

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Look no further, we have re-designed our pet pig directory. We used to have a plain ole directory listing page where you could find all the breeders in one place, but now it’s even better.

Mini Pig breeders are being added all the time, so you should really book mark this site and come back often. We have advanced the site and are now allowing pet pig parents to rate their breeder and let everyone know how their experiences have been. All listings and comments are monitored and will not be approved until verified. Our rating system is only available to those that are registered to prevent abuse. We are not brokers or anyway associated with any of the breeders listed on this site. We are only trying to help the good ethical breeders and legit rescue facilities.

Some of the breeders/ Rescues listed here have offered some articles to get the truth out about pet pigs. I know that there are farms promising the smallest pigs around, and they also claim that they will only get to be 10lbs when full grown. Some of those breeders might even be listed on this site.  If you personally have one of these pigs, please comment on the breeder and provide pictures so that we can see a healthy 10lb 3 +year old.

What people don’t seem to realize is that a mini pig may be 50 lbs, but is no bigger than a bull dog. I believe that people have it in their head that a 50lb pig is huge.

That is not the case at all. The picture on the right is one of my babies at approximately 40lbs. as you can see, she is very healthy and very small.


The gate in the back show this. Yes, she did fit in a teacup when she was a baby, but so do all piglets. So what I am saying is, don’t scour the internet looking for the smallest pig you can find, instead look for the healthiest and the breeder that goes the extra mile to make sure that you are prepared for the adventure that follows.

I really have to stress the fact that this is NOT a case where ” you get what you pay for”. I have seen breeders charging thousands of dollars for a pig that ended up being over 100lbs where some of them charge 300 for the ones that stay around 50 lbs. I do understand the cost involved in raising them and vet bills and all of that, I should, I did if myself. But to charge 3k to 5k for a pig is just ridiculous to me.

Lets break it down a bit. Yes, a breeder has to search around and purchase the best breeding stock they can find to get started. Then pair them up and wait 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days for the babies to be born. Feed for the mom goes up ( If you are a good breeder) during the time the sow in pregnant and while she is nursing her babies. She will nurse them for around 6 weeks ( different breeders have different timelines) I personally kept my babies with their mom for 6 weeks unless the mom decided she didn’t want them around her. They should be starting to eat on their own by this time.

The vet bill can be around 200 to have the pig spayed or neutered. Some vets won’t do this that early, but most will spay/neuter at around 8 weeks. If you are purchasing a piglet that has not been spayed/neutered, make sure that you do this as soon as your vet allows. The boys can usually be neutered pretty early, but to spay the female is a lot more invasive so some vets like to wait awhile. Just because your pig has not been spayed, does not mean that they are coming from a bad breeder, it just means that they or their vet do not believe it is safe for the the girl yet. Most ethical breeders will make you sign a contract saying that you will have this done on your own within a certain period of time. If you do not get this done, you will have a very unruly pet pig.  Unfortunately this is when most of the pet pigs end up in a sanctuary. Instead of being educated, people are fed up with the behavior and decide that maybe a pig wasn’t their best choice for a pet. Most of the pigs in the sanctuaries get spayed/neutered as soon as they can and would be an awesome pet for for someone. But since everyone is out there looking for the little bitty babies, these discarded pigs are feeling like an orphan that nobody wants. Don’t get me wrong, the shelters give them as much love as they can, but there are so many of them that one on one attention is almost impossible. I put shelters on the pet pig directory in the hopes that people will choose to adopt some of the pigs there before they spend thousands of dollars on a pig that might just get to be the same size as the ones in the shelter.

So why 3k to 5k for a baby? I have no clue.

Now, back on the subject of the directory. We are trying to bring together all of the ethical breeders, shelters, and vet together in one place as well as providing you all the information you will need to provide for your new pet pig. I really hope that you find this site useful.





About Brenda

I am the owner and operator of Mini Pig Farm as well as PigGear.
I no longer breed mini pigs, but I still have 4 of my own.
I started making pig harnesses in 2010 when I couldn't find a harness that fit right. PigGear was created when my mini pig customers needed a bigger size harness when their baby grew out of the one I provided to them.


  1. Kim says:


    I just purchased my first Mini Pig on July 1st, 2013 I had been looking at owning one for a couple of years and had done a lot of research on them. I finally found a buyer that I thought I could trust. I went and talked with references and even with her vet. When I received Daisy she had a rash and was itching severely, but I thought it was just dry skin, because the health certificate stated that she was free of any problems and rashes. I ended up placing her on my lap and rubbing her down with lotion everyday thinking this would help her dry skin, but this did not help. I was wearing shorts and in a couple of days I noticed I had bites that started to itch at this time I started to get concerned as the bites started to get worse. I did more research on the internet and read about mites in pigs. I knew right away that this was her problem. I went to our local Murdocks and gave her Ivomec and called my vet for an appointment. She did have mites. My vet felt real bad; for of course the poor pig and for me, because he said they are hard to get ride of in some cases. I also made an appointment with my doctor even though my vet said the mites would not live long off my pig. My doctor said they would run their course on me in about three weeks. I keep finding new bumps and find this really disgusting. I cannot believe I have to go through this for another two weeks and what about my children and my husband. I just cannot understand why someone would sell another family a mite infested animal. I paid $2100.00 for a wonderful pig that is going through a lot of discomfort and so am I. I know this sounds strange, but has anyone else dealt with this type of thing. I have washed the pigs bedding every other day in hot soapy water. I have also washed my bedding in hot soapy water every other day. I have also heard that using a 10% sulfur soap for 4 days will kill the mites. Does this sound correct. Do the mites really die out of the human host in three weeks.I just keep hearing they lay eggs and finally die out in the human host in about 21 days.I guess I just want someone else to let me know that yes this is just how it is going to run its course. I do not want these things on me any more it is, so creepy. I also would like to warn others no matter how many references you get and call, you still maybe should set up an appointment with your vet as soon as you pick up the pig to get the little gue or girl tested for mites and other concerns you may have. It may save you a lot of problems and more money.

    Thanks for reading,

    Kim H.

    • Brenda says:

      Hi Kim, I am so sorry to hear about all of the problems that you are going through. I can only imagine how horrible this must be for you.

      Yes, unfortunately this has become a pretty common problem.
      If you don’t mind, I would like to know who your breeder was. I started another website called Pet Pig Directory in the hopes of stopping things like that from happening. I would really like it if you could go there and see if your breeder is on there. This site has a rating system and will allow comments to be posted about that breeder. To charge that much money on a pig is bad enough, but to send it with mites? That kind of stuff really upsets me. I am trying, with a few of my Facebook friends, to stop this from happening. If you have a Facebook account, look me up and I will connect you with some really good groups for any and all mini pig questions.

      Here is a really good article about mites.
      You might fine this interesting.

      thank you so much for you message, I’m sure it will help a lot of people.

      • Kim says:

        Hi! Brenda

        No the person whom sold me the mini pig is not listed on the directory. I will try and look you up on my Facebook account I just have not used it in a long time. Thanks for your help. This person whom has sold me the poor female mini pig has also sold the other female that was for sale. She was sold for $2500.00. I know she is going through the same thing I am now. Hopefully she does not have any more pigs.

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