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These harness and leash combos are made of soft flannel fabric instead of that nylon ones that you see everywhere else. I wanted my piggies to have style not wear a boring, one shaded harness. I started making mini pig harnesses when I couldn’t find anyone that had them for sale. Dog harnesses won’t fit on mini pigs or teacup pigs ( whatever you want to call them ) but as long as I have your pigs measurements, I can make one for you.

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About Brenda

I am the owner and operator of Mini Pig Farm as well as PigGear.
I no longer breed mini pigs, but I still have 4 of my own.
I started making pig harnesses in 2010 when I couldn't find a harness that fit right. PigGear was created when my mini pig customers needed a bigger size harness when their baby grew out of the one I provided to them.


  1. kamy says:

    Do you sell these? If so, how much. My baby Is 6months and under 10lbs. She’s still on the bottle and getting fed about 8times per day. She eats baby food, goats milk, and mazuri mini pig chow daily.

  2. admin says:

    the site should be up and running now. sorry for the delay

  3. corinne says:

    How do you measure the babies. Ours is 12 pounds – what size harness?

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