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HELP!!! Our mini attacks visitors!

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We've had our min mig, Maggie, for about 9 months, she'll be a year old in feb., and are having some behavorial problems. She bites visitors, first it was just if they got close, or try to introduce themselves to her, but now it's is when she notices they are there, she will run over to bite them, and if she can get a good shot, she'll keep trying. This is so frustrating, because we want her to be friendly and now everyone that comes over is scared to death of Maggie. I've read up on it, and understand pigs can be territorial, and also since fear, but what can I do to stop this? Also my others concern is that she poops all in her cage, she has a peepee pad, and her blankets, but she'll poop all over the blankets and lay and step on it...what can I do? Shell pee on her pad, and she also pees and poops on the pad that's out when she is out of her cage...so I don't know why she won't do both in her cage, it would kee it a lot cleaner for her...And me
asked Jan 27, 2015 in Mini Pig Care by anonymous

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