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how (and with who) do you register a mini-potbellied pig?

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I need to register my pig for compliance with my city in order to keep him.  I need information on how/who to go through.
asked Jun 11, 2013 in Mini Pig Breeders by anonymous
I have to know what city it is so I can call and find out what the heck they want. Every town has it's own ideas, but I would be happy to call them for you. LPF(Little Pig Farm) Matt
Matt, the code says "is registered with a purebred registry which is recognized as bona fide by the animal care and control superintendent" and needs to be "identifiable as a true miniature Vietnamese potbellied pig.  After doing hours of research I have come to realize this is BS because no such registries exist, they are all run by breeders and rescues and have no contact information.  That said my breeder is registered with an international organization that hopefully is still active so I can get his paperwork to appease the city of LYNN HAVEN FL...

2 Answers

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You actually just need to contact you city's code enforcement office and see if there is anything in there saying that  you aren't allowed to have it. If mini pigs are still considered livestock in your city, then you will have an issue.
answered Jun 11, 2013 by Brenda (0 points)
that's the problem, code enforcement is asking for him to be registered because there is an ordinance.
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answered Jan 12, 2015 by anonymous