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my ten week old minipig quit walking, please help?

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My 10 week old minipig quit walking this past week. I got my Benjiman Bacon at 6 weeks and after a few days he started getting comfortable and wandering around the house, walking with no problem other than keeping his balance on slick surfaces. About a week ago he started getting extremely awnry and bratty and i notice that he was having trouble standing without losing his footing and once he lost his footing he stayed down as if he couldnt get back up. Hes gotten way too comfortable laying instead of standing, he lays down to eat instead of stand now. when i take him outside to go potty he will stand long enough to pee then he just plops right down in as if hes legs are exhausted. I took him to the vet for xrays and there are no breaks or fractures. he is very vocal and loud so ive gotten the idea that he may have really hurt himself but at the same time he is milking it alot. he makes no attempt anymore to get up and walk he just lays on his blanket all day. Could you please help me and my Benny bacon??
asked Aug 28, 2013 in Mini Pig Health by anonymous

1 Answer

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Becki Jones ( from Facebook)  said  "Take him back to another very for a second opinion. My pigs sister quit walking one day and after antibiotics is fine."
answered Aug 28, 2013 by Brenda (0 points)