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Ham Solo has started pooping on the floor...

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I am the proud parent of a 1 year old male pot belly named Ham Solo. We got him at 6 weeks old and he is mostly indoors all week so he has always used a litter box. He had some issues peeing on the rug but that stopped over 6 months ago and he has been perfect since....until 2 days ago. He all of a sudden has started pooping on the floor in our living room. He is still peeing in his box but has decided to poop in this one spot on the floor now. I have no idea what has changed and he knows that he is being bad because when i get home and call him over to where he pooped he comes, but very slowly, and he wont look at me and keeps his head down and does the "I'm sorry grunts". I tell him "no" and i even put some of his poop into his box to remind him. We normally keep the box clean from poop because he will step in it and track it otherwise, but like i said, this has been the same routine for almost a year. We haven't changed his diet, left him alone for extended time, brought a new animal into the house, or any of the other "usual" scenarios that may upset him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
asked Dec 5, 2014 in Mini Pig Care by ProudPigDad (0 points)

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