Ongoing fight for pigs

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I am so sick of hearing the stories about people having problems with pigs as pets. There are tons of posts on Facebook asking for people to sign a petition so that they will be able to keep their pet pig in their home.  This is really sad to me, because it seems like the people that are bitching the most are the ones that either don’t have any pets at all or they are the ones that have little tiny dogs.

I worked in the cable industry for 15 years visiting multiple houses per day in all kinds of different areas. I have to say that I have NEVER been hurt by a pet pig. I have been bitten, scratched, clawed, and charged, but never by a pig. I hated going to houses that had those little yippy dogs, because honestly they scare me. Three out of the four times that I was bit ( where customers actually admitted that their dog bit me) was by small dogs. One time 2 Yorkies jumped on my leg and kept biting my until the owner finally came over to help. Another time it was a Chihuahua that bit me just for walking in the door (while in the owner’s arms). And I can’t tell you how many times a small dog bit my ankle when I walked in the door. The thing that always bugged me though is I ALWAYS got the same response from their owner ” Wow, he/she has never done that before”. I find that very hard to believe in most cases because of their highly aggressive nature. Cats are another story, they can be loving one minute and then just change because you touched them in the wrong place. I can’t even begin to count how many times I  walked out of a house with cat scratches. And last but not least, I was actually chased out of a yard buy Geese. I know, this one is pretty funny, but I was paying too much attention to the barking dogs that I didn’t even realize that the Geese had cornered me on the porch.  I really didn’t realize how mean and fast Geese could be until I made a mad dash to my car and ended up with bite marks on the back of my legs.

So I guess my question is, Why are people so against having pigs as pets? I have never been bitten,scratched or chased  by one. They are very clean and do not bark at all hours of the night. They do not run around the neighborhood getting in to people’s trash. Chances are that they are not going to break out, and even if they do, it only takes a few Cheerios to get them to come back.

There are tons of people opposed to having pigs as pets, but they never actually say why they are opposed. Is it because they think that they are smelly and dirty? Or maybe because they can’t imagine eating their bacon in the morning while looking next door at the pig in the back yard.

I would love to hear the reasons that people are giving for not wanting pigs in their neighborhood. So please comment below. Maybe we can help people understand instead of fighting constantly about the issue.