Help! My pig is peeing everywhere.

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I got an email yesterday from a lady and it reminded me that I really haven’t touched on this subject. I actually get a ton of people with this exact problem contacting all the time. In her email she goes on to say:

Everything was going great, he was using his litter box, and seemed to be happy when we got home. Then about a month later, his mood started changing, and he was peeing everywhere. So we knew it was time to get him fixed. Once we got him fixed, it got even worse. He pees in every nook and cranny in the house now, won’t even use his litter box, will literally pee 2 inches from it. We thought maybe it was time to give him more space. So we gave him the Whole kitchen and barricaded it off from the living room. Well he found a way to break free, and when we arrived home from work one night, there was poop everywhere!

Anyways, this week has been the worst so far. We got a bigger wall to block him off while we are at work, and come to find out that he can jump it. So far this week, He has broken a sentimental lamp of mine, eaten an ink pen, chewed up a remote, and my whole carpet has pee stains from him. We LOVE Link more than anything, and do not want to give him up. But what is causing this? Is it because we are gone all day, and he is acting out?

We contacted the breeder and she asked if he was fixed, and if we “scolded” him when he made an accident on the floor. We told her yes, that when he makes accidents on the floor, we flick him in the nose and put him in timeout for 10 minutes. Then when he comes out, he does it again. So he goes right back in timeout. She then told us to contact our vet. Our vet really didnt know much. We knew more about Micro mini pigs than she did

She got her baby at 4 weeks old and of course he wasn’t fixed when she got him ( I think everyone knows how I feel about that already). Later in the email correspondence I found out that they also adopted a dog and has recently put him outside in the yard.

My Response:

This happens a lot believe it or not. Positive discipline is actually the only thing that works with them. Think of him as your child, if you yell at him then he will not respond well, but if you give him a praise when he does something good, then he will do it all the time. Pigs especially respond well with praise and food. Try using Cheerios when he does well.

A few questions for you though:

Did anything change in the house. ( used to be at home and now went back to work, not paying as much attention to him as you did when he was smaller, etc…)

Also you said that you thought he needed more room. That is actually not the case. You need to give him a smaller space. Just enough room for his bed, food and litter box. They typically will not go where they eat or sleep so the only choice he would have is the litter box. You can also try pee pads instead of a litter box, sometimes they feel too big for the box and don’t want to use it anymore. I don’t know what kind of box you are using, but I use a dog litter box, which is bigger.


In conclusion, she is going to try my suggestions and get back to me on how they worked for her.

I would really like to hear any suggestions on this issue, so that I can pass them on to the next person that asks.