MAZURI® Diets Keep Pot-bellied Pigs from Tipping the Scales

Mazuri Micro or Mini Pig
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By Dorrance Haught Ph.D.

While pot-bellied pigs are physiologically unique and different from other animal species, they appear to share at least one psychological trait with some humans–an ongoing struggle with weight control.

Simply put, when it comes to great tasting, calorie laden food, they just can’t “wait” to get at it.  The result? A notable, and serious, concern about animal obesity.

Although we often think of obesity in terms of weight, weight per se is not really a good measure to use. Your pig can be overweight and not truly be obese. On the other hand, your pig can be close to the established weight guidelines and still be overly fat. Obesity is really the excess storage of body fat.

The composition of fat consumed makes a big difference. Fatty acids in your pig’s body must be correctly balanced. Essential fatty acid content is important to maintain good skin condition among other physiological functions.

On the other hand, excess animal fat affects various organs and can cause heart problems in the pig.

Weighing the Options


Improper feeding actually can cut down the lifespan of an animal. Too much body fat hampers your pig’s mobility which makes it difficult for him or her to get the exercise desperately needed to maintain good health.

Sadly, obesity has caused many a pig to stop doing tricks and playing with their masters…because they simply can’t get around.

When you weigh all the options, the benefits of keeping your pig on a balanced MAZURI® diet become instantly apparent.

The Right Diet


Horse feeds, high in carbohydrate content, may be sweet and attractive to your pot-belly, but can add to the long-term possibility of obesity due to a high level of sugar intake. Diets formulated for other species are not balanced correctly for the amino acids, vitamins, and minerals needed to maintain your pig’s body for tissue and organ regeneration.

In effect, while a pig fed horse feed may not show any obvious ill effects, chances are he or she might have lived longer if fed the proper nutrients.

Most table scraps also contribute to the problem of obesity in pot-bellied pigs. Foods cooked in butter or animal grease–and high in fat and salt content–have the same effect on pigs as on people.

In addition to heart disease, obesity can cause stress on your pet’s skeleton. Leg and foot problems are also common.

MAZURI® pelleted diet, adjusted to your pigs’ needs based on their condition and a percentage of their weight, will keep your pot-bellies in top condition.

Your pigs are important to you. Show them how much you care by trusting their nutrition to the source selected by the experts…and make it MAZURI® for life.

Some Local feed stores carry Mazuri products but most don’t. You can ask them if they can get it for you, but if not you can order it online via their website HERE