What is wrong with Mini Pig Breeders?

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Looking through my emails and messages today, I came across one that really needed my attention. I got so caught up in responding to her dilemma that I totally forgot to comment about it on my blog. Truth is, I was pretty pissed off .

These breeders don’t take in to consideration the feeling that get hurt when they lie to their customers. People are getting their hearts broken and spending tons of money in the process. Ok, let me start over now that I’m done with my little rant.

The Message I recieved

I won’t give any names because I don’t want to hurt her any more than she has already been hurt, but I will quote parts of her message for you so that you will understand the rant above.

She wrote:

“I am due to get a mini piglet baby but she told me it was going to be 10 day’s old and it is eating warm milk and bread is that good for them and how many time’s a day do I feed it?”

WHAT!! I have never heard of giving a baby pig bread. sure it will eat it, but there isn’t any real nutrition in it. All that will do is fatten the “Micro Pig” up. Keep feeding it like that and it won’t be micro for long. And why on earth would a reputable breeder send a 10 day old piglet away. I know, they wouldn’t.

A reputable breeder will keep the baby with it’s mom for at least 6 weeks. Before anyone gets too pissed off at me for saying that, let me clarify.  I used to breed pigs of all sizes and I know that sometimes the mom will reject them or worse. But what I am saying is there are too many people that LIKE to take the baby away at a few days and start bottle feeding them because they claim that they are friendlier that way. I have personally found that not to be true.

My very first mini pig (Phebe)was 8 weeks old when I got her and she is just as friendly as any of the other ones that I have ( I currently have 4 ). One of the babies that I kept was from a litter where the mom tried to kill them and that was horrible. I have to bottle feed the babies and I have to tell you, that is not an easy task. They all want to eat at the same time and are all starving to death. Kudos to the people that have twins, triplets, quads or more.

Anyway back to my story: After recieving this message, my advice to her was to get Unimilk and add some baby cereal to it. We use  Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain, Rice Cereal because we try to do everything as Organic as possible. But you can just pick some up from your local grocery store too. With the baby being only 10 days old I suggested that she feed him every 2-3 hours the first couple weeks and then just start spreading it out to 3-4 hours and so on. By the time he gets to 6 weeks he should be eating twice a day ( with treats in between of course lol).

Second Message Came with Happy News

Thank you so much for getting back to me I wanted to let you know he is doing great and eating good and is already going potty outside He loves to be cuddle up in are blanket’s on are bed I have been giving him soft milk Mauzai food mini youth pig feed and baby cereal I only give him a bit at a time so that i don’t hurt is belly I have been keeping him warm in a nice pet taxi and blanket’s inside and i cover the top that has been keeping him warm. He is 16 day’s old now.

I was so happy to get this message from her. She is doing a great job taking care of this piglet that she really shouldn’t have had yet. One of the hardest things I have had to do is try to keep a baby pig alive when it is taken too early or rejected.

Third Message Came With Great Pain

I am very sad to say that he has passed away at 3 am. I was up with him all night until he went I have no clue why or how he got so sick so fast but he has been placed in his blanket he loved so much and now he is resting in peace and is no longer hurting.

My Little Heart Break

RIP Little Angel

I cry every time I get messages like this. She did everything she could to care for this baby. And after 6 days, if you are any kind of animal lover, you get so attached to the baby. And no matter how much they try and how much they do, I still get the same kind of message from them “I am so hurt and so upset I feel like I did something wrong”. I have had a couple pass as well, so I really understand how much pain she is feeling.

I am happy to say that she did end up getting another baby a couple months later and is very happy with her new healthy baby girl.

I hate that people have to go through all of that pain and I can only help them so much. I can’t even tell you how many messages I get on this type of situation. That is the key reason that I set up a directory so that people can comment about the different breeders that they have come in contact with. I searched all over the internet and didn’t come up with anything that could help people find a reputable breeder. I was actually amazed because there are directories for everything else.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject and possibly anything that would help the next person ( and there will be a next person) that I get a message like this from.




About Brenda

I am the owner and operator of Mini Pig Farm as well as PigGear.
I no longer breed mini pigs, but I still have 4 of my own.
I started making pig harnesses in 2010 when I couldn't find a harness that fit right. PigGear was created when my mini pig customers needed a bigger size harness when their baby grew out of the one I provided to them.

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